Monday, January 12, 2009

20 months and counting!

Connor "turned" 20 months today. I guess that makes her 1 and 2/3 years old. When Connor was 6 months old I made her a "Half" Birthday Cake - which was met with quite a few chuckles.

Well today I didn't made a 1.66666 Cake for her, but we did Fingerpaint for the very first time ever in honor of the occasion. I felt very brave for tackling fingerpaint mess in our apartment --- just waiting for painted fingers to get all over our walls and furniture. But luckily with 2 consecutive baths and lots of vigilance we were able to contain the goo.

And tonight when I was photographing Connor with her 20 month masterpiece she insisted that Elmo pose with her while in her PJ bottoms while she wore the tops. It was so funny watching her place Elmo in just the right spot for his shot. Wonder where she gets that from?!?!
We also made ice! Ice in the shape of stars (the star ice trays were a weekend purchase from IKEA). They don't have ice over here in Europe - and certainly not ice makers, so that is what makes it so unique and special. Happy 20 months Connor! Your mommy and daddy sure do love you!

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