Monday, September 6, 2010

Communist Statues in Budapest

Our last day of our last vacation as European expats...and I am afraid we started off with a bust. We traveled an hour outside Budapest to visit Rackeve and the Serbian Church there. It looked so cute from the outside and beautiful in our tour book....and yet it was closed completely for renovations. I tried to beg and explain to the construction workers that we had driven the hour just to see inside - so please give me a peek, but there was no love. Actually there was apparently no key. Such is the life as a European traveler though...
We grabbed a grocery store lunch and returned to the outskirts of Budapest. There we found Memento Park, an open air museum with monumental statues from Hungary's Communist period. What a strange concept, but also intriguing. We had been dodging rain so they kindly gave us blue booties to protect our shoes. Connor thought they were great!
Karl Marx, Lenin, they were all there in some form or fashion. Even after so many history lessons it is hard to wrap my brain around Communism. And the effects still felt.
It was quite a park. Bleak and foreboding, yet at the same time weak, dated, and defeated. Connor, we are lucky we live in a time and place where we can have fun with these statues. The power and control they represent are past. The future is yours, little one!

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