Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sighisoara, Romania

From the Painted Monasteries we traveled to the picturesque medieval town of Sighisoara in the Transylvania region. (Yep, Dracula country!) It reminded us so much of a yet-to-be-discovered Prague. I guess when Sighisoara becomes THE hot spot be we can say we knew it back in the day.We stayed at this beautiful Hotel Sighisoara in the center of the Old Town. Our room was spacious with an arched ceiling and filled with sunlight.We of course wasted no time settling in and getting out and about. The streets were rows of pleasing, colorful pastels. Many needed fresh paint and a little TLC - although then again that was part of the charm.This long covered staircase was a fun find.Connor came across this broom. These were actually what they used everywhere - no store bought Walmart brand broom here. See what I mean about feeling like we traveled back in time?The main thoroughfares were mostly clean and tourist-ready, but there were definitely more run down side streets.Sighisoara is where the famed Dracula, aka Vlad the Impaler, was born.The incredible Christian Orthodox cathedrals continued to pop up everywhere. This white one was especially eye-catching.The Sighisoara sights were astounding. We had the town at sunset seemingly all to ourselves. I felt comfortable and at ease here, skipping along the cobblestone streets.The next day we traveled further into Transylvania and to Bran Castle. Vlad's castle (Dracula).It was quite bright and beautiful to be Dracula's spot in Bran. Not nearly as dark and spooky as I expected. The surrounding village is an ode to Dracula trinkets and souvenirs.
Outside Bran we were on the highway and spotted this golden church in the distance. There was nothing around it, just gleaming on its lonesome.
Honestly before this trip, the extent of my Romania knowledge was centered on the famous gymnasts like Nadia Comaneci.... an ode to Romania I kept Connor's hair gymnast-style with the multiple barrettes.Connor was cuddly sweet wrapped in our sheets in the morning light. She loves to jump in bed with us at daybreak.

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Jenna said...

I don't know how you do it but you continue to make me add to my "travel must-see list"! Sighisoara looks so nice, and I definitely want to see all of those beautiful monasteries! That is such a sweet picture of Connor with her head on Kirk's shoulder. The picture of Connor with the barrettes in her hair does not look like Connor's curly top! What happened to her curls?!