Sunday, June 20, 2010

Now that's a CASTLE, Northern Wales

Our adventures led us next to "the castle capital of the world" - the British country of Wales. Connor was hysterical taking immense delight wearing her WHALE pajamas in WALES! We set up camp in Conwy, the Northern region right near Snowdonia National Park. Connor played her heart out every moment at our Conwy B&B with the innkeeper's daughter. They were exactly the same age. And two little peas in a pod.They say Wales has more castles per square mile than any place in Europe. With over 400 castles in this tiny country, we were determined to find a few! First up was Caernarfon Castle. Now this was a real, full-on castle if there ever was one. It was grand and magnificent - and the site where Prince Charles was invested as the Duke of Wales in 1958. Oh me, what the world had in store with this young man - the future King of England. It is strange to be in the same place were major historical events have taken place. Same background. We could almost feel the pomp and circumstance still on that round circular platform. Unfortunately our day was a little more grey and rainy than Prince Charles' was!Connor was a little princess up in her medieval tower with the sunlight spotlighting her.We also went to the marvelous medieval masterpiece of Conwy Castle. This grandiose castle had it all. Spires, a drawbridge, a moat, boats dotting a beautiful water view......and a fairy tale town embracing Conwy Castle. We kept our eyes peeled for Prince Charming slaying dragons, but no dice.We did locate the "Smallest House in Great Britain" - a big hit with our little one!Amidst the Welsh castles we found our way into Snowdonia National Park. We drove north, south, east and west conquering much of the area. The weather left a little to be desired, and we found ourselves longing for the days we could jump out and do more spontaneous hard-core hiking just the two of us...all in all the park was scenic and lovely. Unlike USA National Parks, there were towns peppered all about Snowdonia, lending to a crunchy, granola feel of communing and community out in the woods.Mom, this orange cat is for you! My mom has wanted an orange cat all her life. If only I could have picked up this butterscotch ball and shipped it home to you.Snowdonia had it all. Snow-capped mountains and rushing waters. Quirky mountain towns and vast expanses of natural wonder.

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