Saturday, April 3, 2010

Piglet in Parma

We have a thing for Winnie the Pooh in our family. Connor lets us know when she has a "rumbly in her tummy" and also regularly uses the explanation "Because that's what Connors do best!" Our miniature Pooh friends regularly come with us on European adventures. Piglet was the chosen friend for our jaunt into the town of Parma.Piglet had lots of fun despite the cold, rainy weather.Even got to indulge in some Parma cheese and ham. What a lucky little Piglet! Oink, oink (is that what Piglets say?!?)I had high hopes for Parma. As the namesake home of delectable delights I felt certain it would lend to a gourmet and lively town spilling over with thin ham and tangy cheese. Umm. That was not the case. Sundays in Parma are dead. We found this one restaurant open. And the cathedral. That pretty much sums it up. At least we can say we tasted the cheese and ham in Parma, even if we did have to search it out.We visited the Baptistry...And then the cathedral...It was gorgeous and enormous. And kept us all looking up! Problem was while we were looking up, Connor dropped Piglet - somewhere. We didn't realize it til we were many miles down the road. But never fear. Piglet was replaced with an identical replica before Connor was any the wiser. Thank goodness he came from the grocery store across the street from our apartment. Hope Piglet #1 is still enjoying his new home in this cathedral! Not bad new digs.

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