Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Parc Guell Barcelona

It is impossible to visit Barcelona without being totally and completely swept away by the work of Antonio Gaudi. It is "Gaudi town" with his art and architecture an ode and everpresent accessory to this incredible city. Our first Gaudi encounter this trip was to return to the Parc Guell. We figured it would be a magical place for Connor to romp about on the beautiful sunshine-y day.Unfortunately everyone seemed to have the exact same idea - locals and tourists alike. The place was packed. We had hoped to find picnic fixings or fast food to take into the park and leisurely partake. Note to anyone who goes to that part of town hungry - there are no easy food options in the area or for blocks around. We know because we looked! We searched and searched and finally found a mini market for stale chips and aged coldcuts. In my next life I will open a gourmet sandwich shop next to this park. We took our feable picnic and dined at the park. Crowds and poor food choices aside Parc Guell was still everything we wanted it to be. Fun, colorful, and intoxicating with a city panorama and an artsy vibe to loosen us up!The shady mosaic covering is quite unique and attracts performing artists into the curves and out of the Spanish sun. The tunes meld with Gaudi's architecture in an unparalleled artistic melody.We headed above the mosaic covering to this rooftop terrace (please note the photo below is NOT mine...picture several hundred park-goers on the benches and open space for our Saturday visit!)More like this...But Connor didn't care. She thought Parc Guell was the bee's knees no matter how many people were there.The curving benches are my favorite part. Here are our attempts to have photo shoots there. Not great, but will certainly suffice to capture the memory so Connor can one day know she was there - in the folds of Gaudi's genius!Below you can better decipher the layout with the covered room below and the benches above.We wandered back through a grotto-esque part. The tunnel was creative and created with grooves for spontaneous rock climbing. Or in Connor's case a perch to stand and sing atop!After Parc Guell Connor fell asleep in her stroller so we opted to walk to our next stop, the Sagrada Familia, instead of taking the metro. I am glad we did since it gave us the peaceful pace to spy these one-of-a-kind building facades.Only in Barcelona. The braid of art, sun, and vibrant Catalan culture is second to none.

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