Monday, April 19, 2010

Out on the Town, Au Revoir Brussels

We had a wonderful farewell send off to this city we have called home for the past 18 months. Isn't it ironic how you wait til the very end to explore your own home?!? We haven't been out to eat this much the entire time we have been living in Brussels. But each of my girlfriend groups organized a small dinner to send us out in style. I sure will miss my new gal pals!

So many dear friends from the Brussels Childhood Trust (BCT). Mai and Noe are in the photo below. We tried a new restaurant near the Mont des Arts, called Kwint. It was a fancy affair; we felt wined and dined. The BCT Playgroups are organized by commune and bring together English-speaking mothers. What an essential network - these were some of my first friends. And their daughters some of Connor's first friends too!The "Hintsters" group consists of friends I met through the American Women's Club of Brussels during my 'Hints for Living in Brussels' orientation class. These beautiful ladies have provided me with side-splitting laughter and incredible joy during our monthly dinners. Most of which end up lasting 4-5 hours as we hoot and holler amidst the annoyed glances of other Belgian diners. But we don't care. I will miss their gorgeous smiles and encouragement.Karen has also taken to organizing "Ladies Night" Dinners for many months now. This last one was my fond farewell from the group. Karen was so dear to bring me flowers and we dined at "Le Fourneau" in Grand Sablon (fun French place). Our crew closed the restaurant down. It has been a while since I have done that! Karen has been not only a true friend, but a fabulous connector to the lovely ladies of the Ixelles neighborhood.Ciara also had us over to her home for a proper British tea time to say goodbye to our La Chaise Musicale friends. Complete with Earl Grey and yummy scones. We even were able to Skype Nicky who moved to Switzerland in January to reunite all four music buddies! I am grateful to these British ladies for all they have done to guide and love our family these many months (sorry no photo).

Finally, Kirk and I had on our must-do list to go to Belga Queen for dinner one night. The stars aligned and our friends, Laura and Shawn, just happened to be in town visiting. Sweet Annie came over to babysit and the four of us had a sophisticated double dinner date at one of Brussels' top restaurants. I even put on hose and heels - which has not happened in a long time! It felt good to be dressy.We loved Belga Queen and highly recommend it for a special night out.Now all wasn't so glamorous for our final days in Brussels. Take a look at our kitchen as I tried to organize what was to go where before the movers arrived. What a mess! At least I had Karen's pretty purple tulips to brighten the load. She also showed her Southern hospitality gene by bringing us homemade lasagne during this transition time. Thank you Karen!!! Brussels, dear Brussels. I will miss skipping through your Grand Place on a daily basis. What a fairy tale this has been. But now it is time for us to make our way back to America to "live happily ever after"!!!

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Ali Meyer said...

It looks like you had some nice farewell parties. I hope you had a great last month of vacationing around Europe as well! You'll be missed, but you'll have many fond memories of all the friends and experiences you've created by living here. Wishing you the best as you head back to the States.