Thursday, April 29, 2010

Going Away Party

Kirk's coworkers hosted a fabulous going away party for us our last night living in Brussels. The movers pulled away an hour before the party started. Annie was so sweet to come stay in our bare apartment with nary a chair or a TV to Connor-sit while we attended the bash. It ended up being a rockin' party that got us home a couple of hours later than we intended. Poor Annie was gracious with our late night escapades, but the tardiness was uncharacteristic of us and I still feel a tad guilty about our extended outing. We were fortunate she was able to help us out so we could enjoy our friends and our last night to the fullest.
Joe, John and Tom hosted the party in their Sablon apartment on the rooftop terrace overlooking Brussels' skyline. The view was beautiful and Joe outdid himself with appetizers and savory yummy treats. It felt like everyone from Kirk's work teams came to bid him au revoir. I was surprised at the turnout for a weeknight - there must have been 30 or 35 folks there. It was one of those nights where I was especially overwhelmed with compliments on Kirk and his work. It strikes me as funny that I can love and know Kirk for over 15 years now and still not totally know him as a professional. This was a great window into his professional demeanor and accomplishments.
The Coke team presented Kirk with a stereotypical "Belgian" basket - Belgian beer, Belgian endives, three of the most beautiful Belgium coffee table books they all signed like a yearbook and several bottles of wine.
The guys were very dear to host a fun and lively party in our honor. I was able to peek into Kirk's work life and it made me all the more grateful for the opportunity and privilege we have had to live abroad and for Kirk to work and do business on an international level. The conference call between colleagues will no longer be faceless deals and translated negotiations, rather a call between friends and familiar coworkers across the ocean.

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