Sunday, April 11, 2010

Dali Theatre in Figures

Kirk kept telling me we were going to the "Dali Theatre" in the afternoon. I was perplexed at how a theatre could be what I pictured in my mind and still a Dali art museum. But if there is one thing I learned on this trip - in Dali's world it can be and can't be all at the same time!The "theatre" was in fact just that. Dali purchased it after it was bombed during the Spanish Civil War. This was his hometown theatre he grew up going to as a boy and where his first public exhibition was shown. He bought it and transformed the place to his own strange and wonderful museum. Lovingly attending to the details that make it so esoteric to his work.The opening courtyard has this boat "crying" blue tears the black cab?Which also "cries" when you put a euro in...Inside is the main theatre - or what used to be.......with an enormous glass prismed dome.Across the way was a painting that only Dali could have dreamed up. A baffling optical illusion that keeps drawing your eye back again and again.Up close this painting looks like Abe Lincoln, just as clear as a shiny penny......but look again and there is the backside of Gala, Dali's lover!Salvador is probably best known for these melting clocks. They were there along with a lifetime of masterpieces in the adjoining theatres and rooms. The droopy clocks really don't do a thing for me. Probably why I have been turned off by Dali's work until today. The adjoining galleries were a treasure trove of color, inspiration, shape, and mystery. I could see his work in a new light and also how he experimented with the styles of other more familiar artists along the way.This one looks a lot like Chagall with its flying forms and sapphire color...Georges Seurat made this Pointillism dot style famous. Dali must have liked it too...This one looked a little Matisse-like to me...Comparisons aside no one could accuse Dali of being a copycat. There is no one quite like him!Topping off the visit was the collection of Dali Jewels. He took his genius into the world of jewelry design. This was probably my favorite part of the theatre-museum. But as they say, diamonds are a girl's best friend. These would definitely make a fashion statement!

This heart really beats!

Dali rests here along with his art. I found myself liking the guy and his distinctive work. Admiring his life and his dedication to his craft. RIP Salvador.

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