Friday, April 9, 2010

Comic Strip Museum

In Belgium they are obsessed with comic cartoons and comic strips. Admittedly I haven't read a comic in years. The "For Better or For Worse" columns were traditionally my favorite. But in Brussels they are all about the character Tin Tin.They love comics so much there are countless building facades all over town decked out in comic paraphenalia. There is a scavenger hunt you can follow to identify them. All part of the pervasive comic culture.It seemed a sin to leave Brussels without buying in to the cartoons. Connor and I got out the map and navigated to the Comic Strip Museum. Silly me - it was only a few blocks from our apartment! Just tucked away so I hadn't noticed it before.The building is an old Victor Horta art nouveau design with a magnificent atrium lobby.
Of course the Smurfs were there too! It seems Hanna Barbara wasn't the founder of the Smurfs after all... They were born Belgian Comics! Brought back a lot of Saturday Morning Cartoon memories.This guy is Asterix. He is famous with the French. There is an entire Asterix theme park not far from us.Connor really didn't focus in on the sophisticated comics. Winnie the Pooh is still tops in her book. We found these figurines. But they cost 29 euros. Umm, no. Now we are official. Have checked off all the major Brussels museums on my list, even these funnies. Go us!

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