Thursday, April 8, 2010

Brady's Matchbox Car at Kroller Muller Museum

Peeling ourselves away from our beloved Rabbit Hill, we drove down the road to the nearby Hoge Veluwe National Park. Smack in the middle of the forest park is the renowned Kroller Muller Art Museum filled with Van Goghs and a sculpture park. The primary way to reach the museum? Bike 5 km to the center. How else would you be expected to get from point A to point B in the Netherlands?!?! We obliged by parking our car and hopping on the free white bikes to begin our journey.
The day was the warmest yet of the Spring season. We shed our coats and let the sun shine down. The bike path was flat - one of the gifts of those Dutch low lands - and lined with trees. We sang songs and rejoiced in the carefree day spent together.In no time we reached our destination, the Kroller Muller Museum.Brady and Connor were off the bikes and running around the sculptures before we could bat an eye. This rapid spontaneity would come back and bite us later...Lots of modern art. Guess that is what you call these mirrored boxes we reflect in.We did our thing and then back on the bikes we went. 5 km return trip to our car. It was halfway back that Brady started asking about his new matchbox car he got as a prize at Rabbit Hill. It was a potty reward for his big training success at the park. An important gift for sure! We stopped mid-pedal to seek that little car out, frantically pawing through pockets and under seats. It was nowhere to be found! Eee gads!

Karen wins "Mother-of-the-Year" for doing what only a mother would next. We made it back to the car and pieced together that Brady must have had the car at the museum park; he remembered rolling it along the sculptures. Karen negotiated with the park attendant to let us drive back to the museum to seek out that special toy on the grounds. I thought she was crazy - it would be like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Yet I watched her look and look until finally - success! What persistence. Here she is running back to the car in victory! (below) I felt like I needed to have the "We are the Champions" song blasting for her.Our two were out like a light on the way back home.

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