Thursday, March 18, 2010

Hiking around Versailles

A Paris blitz would not be complete without a Versailles trip to experience the royal chateau. And what an EXPERIENCE it indeed is. That Louis XIV sure knew how to show opulence and extravagance like no other! Since we had already toured Versailles, Granger went solo through the palace while we hiked the Versailles grounds.

Granger reports loving Versailles, especially the Hall of Mirrors... His college major was theatre set design and Versailles was a specific area of study. I can see why! It was great to help Granger connect the dots from his studies to the real thing.

Thankfully it was another sapphire blue day. Signs of spring beginning to emerge. During our previous Versailles excursion it was snowing so the gardens and grounds were closed. This was the perfect arrangement to walk the grand boulevard of manicured lawns and fountains.

This fountain was my favorite. It came after a couple of miles of walking with Connor and seemed to be rising right out to charge us. Connor of course loved the horses.

It was a lot of walking for our little tot. We challenged her with going strollerless. Kirk and I were both surprised at how much walking endurance she showed. Louis and Marie Antoinette would have given her a big thumbs up!

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