Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Granger Arrives in Europe

My stepbrother, Granger, received the Christmas gift of a lifetime when my stepsister gave him a plane ticket to Europe. It was my indirect gift too since he would be visiting us! Mom remarried when I was in high school when Granger was on his way to college. Given this timing I am embarrassed we never had the chance to spend more than a few hours together at shared family 15+ years! Needless to say we were both delighted and eager for 10 days together on 'Granger's Grand European Tour.'

He flew through Chicago and I was particularly taken by his photos of Lake Michigan and the clouds below.
Bienvenue Granger! We were so happy to get him here. Always a big drumroll when picking a visitor up after the overnight transatlantic flight.
I wish I remember what it was that had them both with hands on hips in photo below. Granger had us laughing from the start. He is such a ham with his silly sense of humor. Bubbles helped fight jet lag!After quick naps for both Connor and Granger we were off to discover Brussels and to give Granger his first taste of Europe. Granger arrives - at the Bourse Building on our street in Brussels!Belgian waffles on the street and the St. Hubert shopping arcade.Rue du Bouchers - aka Restaurant Row - and world famous french fries at Fritland. Granger wasn't so keen on trying Mussels in Brussels, so we filled him with our other local delicacies.We took another spin of the Grand Place later that night with a clear sky and brisk temperatures. But I think it could have been a blizzard and it wouldn't have mattered to Granger. He was wide-eyed and euphoric with Europe. It was hard not to smile along with him. If he fell this hard for Brussels - what would he think of Munich, Amsterdam, London and Paris in the days ahead?!? I knew it would be a memorable week for all of us!

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