Thursday, March 4, 2010

Etterbeek Pool

I have done my fair share of complaining about Belgian red tape, taxes and inefficiencies. The commune office is by far one of my most dreaded spots. However, I recently discovered one of the BEST parts of commune power. Each commune has a public pool paid with tax dollars. Karen and I recently set off for the Etterbeek pool even though it was snowing outside.When we arrived it was as if the pool gods opened the heavens and chlorinated choruses of thanksgiving rang around us. This place was better than any private pool I have seen and accessible via a direct metro ride for us. The cost, a whopping 3 euros for the two of us!
We found the 'Kinder' area and my disbelief continued. The pool is the perfect size for the kids to walk in unassisted. They climb the slides and have an absolute ball. I have had to teach Connor to keep her mouth closed (after many swallows of pool water, blek!) All three times we have been the only ones in the Kinderpool!
Strange requirement at Belgian pools - everyone must wear a swim cap and boys/men must wear Speedo suits. I don't think Kirk is going to be joining us given this rule...but Brady wears his tight shorts well!
Connor loves her white cap!

This slide is the perfect proportion in every way. No sharp or hard edges and the pool depth just right to slide and splash without going under all the way.

The most challenging part is managing to change in and out of suits with two little wiggle worms! So many pieces and parts to juggle and always at a frenetic pace.
Brady and Connor love the pool - they have so much fun swimming and splashing. Karen and I love the pool too - it is cheap, tires out our kids, and is a relaxing atmosphere to enjoy time together no matter how cold it is outside!

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Katie C. said...

Oh I love the caps - so adorable!