Monday, February 1, 2010

Woof! Woof!

Friday was Oprah's birthday. She celebrated with an audience full of fellow birthday girls and boys on her Fridays Live Show. And she introduced her two birthday presents - her new Springer Spaniel rescue dogs. (We have Slingbox so we can watch American TV and Oprah has always been my guilty pleasure!)
We ALSO have two new canine friends in our home. These lovable puppies are soft and squeezable.Meet Nick (on the left) and Ikea (on the right). Nick because St. Nick brought him and Ikea because that is where we bought doggie #2.
These guys take up an awful lot of room in Connor's little crib. But they seem to make her so happy.
I thought I would resist stuffed animals as a mom, but I fall for them too. No room or discipline to have real pets of our own just yet, but these guys are doing a pretty great job loving on us in the interim.

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