Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Le Creuset

In planning our next road trip to the Burgundy region of France I realized the Le Creuset factory was not far off the beaten path in a little town called Fresnoy le Grand. So of course we had to stop...Here Le Creuset pots and stoneware are formed, fired and made - supposedly each piece is made from its own unique mold. For 85 years now. I read recently there used to be factory tours, but no dice on this day. No problem though, because there was an outlet shop!Very small and unassuming from the outside.
But inside there are blips of color in hearty yet whimsical pots of every shape and size.
I have been wanting a Dutch Oven as it seems nearly every online recipe calls for one and I thought while I was there I might as well get the best. Especially with prices slashed.
I took one look at this Granny Smith colored Dutch Oven and knew it was the one for me. 30% off their low prices too for the French sale month.
Now I may just have to try out this recommended recipe for ratatouille! I love factory outlets. Especially for high quality French goods. Julia Child would have been proud.

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Jenna said...

Hey, I read this and thought, " I have been wanting a dutch oven for a long time too!" Then today I went to Bichester, which is an hour north of London to an outlet mall there and they had a Le Creuset outlet there! I got a 26 cm teal colored one for pretty cheap! It was a lot cheaper than I could have gotten it in the States! So exciting! Just thought I would share! :D