Thursday, January 14, 2010

San Sebastian

We took in San Sebastian the next morning. After spending two nights in the metropolis it seemed strange not to have seen it in the daylight. We were glad we waited. Because this was how that particular morning rose up to greet and welcome us...
And then to our amazement we spotted one distinctly vertical rainbow over the ocean...
It was beautiful and made us feel uniquely special to witness it as we strolled San Sebastian's boardwalk.
And then very faintly to the right of the original - another linear rainbow! TWO OF THEM, and it wasn't even raining. You can see the second barely in photo below.
The sky was full of Carpe Diem energy on this morning which gave us all a little extra spring in our step.
The modern casino is perched right above where the ocean meets the river. The tides seemed to be playing tug of war with each other.
We skipped down to the beach bathed in the wonderful golden morning light.
Our guidebook compared San Sebastian to Rio de Janeiro with its romantic setting, a soaring statue of Christ gazing over the city, and a late-night lively Old Town. Never been to Rio, but I appreciated the parallels.
Of course a playground had to make our tourist destination list! It just wouldn't be right to leave without sizing up a town's swings and slides! This one was right above the beach.
The carousel was thankfully closed, but the wavy slide made for happy squeals!
We did explore San Sebastian's Old Town. This magnificent church was buried at the end of the street.
The rich detail in the doorway captivated me.
We stumbled upon Plaza de la Constitucion, the main Old Town square. This is where bullfights used to be held. The seat numbers are clearly visible along the balconies. Even if you owned an apartment here, the city retained the rights to the balconies, which it could sell as box seats. The residents could peek over the paying customers' shoulders! Too funny.
San Sebastian was just the right mix of things to see without too many must-sees. Does that make sense? With that we bid our Adios to Spanish Basque Country and headed back into France.

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EOlivas said...

These are wonderful pictures! Thanks for posting pics of the scenery. and the rainbow, priceless.