Friday, January 8, 2010

Roseberry Christmas Drumroll

And the previous post - that's only half of the story! My Mom does Christmas up just right too. I've developed a new obsession with movable nativity scenes. This one Mom displays in the front entry. I just love the way Jesus is nestled in Mary's lap.Nothing quite says Christmas like a whopping red poinsettia by the fireplace!
Connor made both sets of grandparents green hand print wreaths. Mom promptly put hers on the sliding glass door. Cara put hers on their fridge. Let me tell you there was a gooey green mess left back in Belgium to achieve this craft.
Connor was infatuated with hugging Clay. It was so funny because Mom told her she could hug Clay when we were discussing our arrival via Skype. Connor looked at her and said, "No I can't, Lin-Lin! Clay doesn't have any arms!!!" Lo and behold you can hug a dog who has no arms, only legs!Mom's house was beautiful and looked a lot like my grandmother's house used to with the tabletop tree. Mom always sets her family dinner table days in advance. And that makes me smile.
There were many toys at Lin-Lin's house too. Connor especially loved this Tigger game that is like a version of hot potato!
She and Cousin Jack were instant buds.
The Roseberry Family Christmas Dinner.
For at least a decade now we get together with our Mother-Daughter friends, Lynne and Amanda, on Christmas Eve morning. We head to Starbucks for some warm drinks and an annual catch up. The four of us have been having fun together since Amanda and I were in elementary school.
Though we left cookies for Santa at Cara's it was our year to spend Christmas Eve night at Lin-Lin's. So of course Santa and his reindeer needed goodies there too!
Not sure what this face was about, but can't you just feel the Christmas excitement popping off the screen?!?
All of our regular stockings from Aunt Howard are packed away in our storage. Luckily Mom found some replacements.
Yep, Connor has Lin-Lin and Paw Paw wrapped around her little finger too!

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All your Christmas entries make me smile! :)