Sunday, January 17, 2010


This castle at Rocamadour was worthy of its very own blog post. It took our breath away.
We drove through dark mountains and around some scary curves uncertain as to if Rocamadour would even be worth it. And then we came around a bend and saw this!
It didn't even seem real - more like a mirage or something with its peaceful, dramatic setting. We had to wipe our eyes to be sure this floodlit spectacle was true.
Rocamadour was once one of Europe's top pilgrimage sights. Pilgrims came to see the black statue of Virgin Mary. It became a powerful prayer spot and during the 14th century pilgrims came in droves of up to 20,000 a day. Today Rocamadour is much more a tourist spot than a religious destination. We had the town to ourselves this night. We had fun setting our camera timer and taking in the incredible view.
I also found these daytime photos of Rocamadour to share. I am glad we saw it in the moonlight, but what a place at any time of day!

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