Saturday, January 30, 2010

Our Favorite Rest Stop

My heart melts whenever Connor wakes up. My little Sleeping Beauty! One of the difficult parts of car travel is timing our stops around Connor's naps. She is a great car sleeper except she wakes up EVERY TIME the car engine stops. Like clockwork. No matter if she has been asleep 90 or 15 minutes. The motion is a necessary constant. This pit stop was no different. Kirk and I giggled when we looked back and Connor announced "Connor's awake!" Her curls were even curlier than usual!
Up and at'em we were ready to stretch our legs.
Ready at least after we got Connor's shoes back on.I have been meaning to blog about European rest stops. And these photos were taken at one of our favorites. European highways are completely opposite to those in the USA. Instead of an exit full of fast food stops every mile, there is ONE place every 30-40 miles - no exit, just a one way veer off and on the highway. This makes the words, "Mommy, I need to go potty" some of the most dreaded depending on the proximity of the next available stop. Compound this with the fact that our gas card works only at Total gas stations, we have to be that much more strategic and selective about our timing and intentional in our planning.Exit 29 on the French/Belgian border is a true truckers stop and has become one of our regulars. Can you guess why?!?Those truckers and then my Connor with her wooden red truck and a slide on the back.I originally really disliked this European highway standard. But you know, I have come to accept and appreciate it. And we plan accordingly.

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julie said...

We found a Burger King at a gas stop on the way back from The Hague tonight!!! Whoppers with cheese!