Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Homesickness and Holiday Greetings

I am a Christmas card person. If you know me, you know that about me. I love photos, celebrating milestones and watching people grow and change. These greetings are particularly comforting when an ocean away. It both helps bring on and hold at bay our homesickness. Last year I strung our 2008 cards down our hallway (above). They are still up a year later and make me smile and remember you every time I pass the colorful display.
This year I started out putting up our cards haphazardly on our kitchen island. It started to bother me though that we couldn't see all of them and they kept falling down. So I decided to put a little more thought into our arrangement.
There, now everyone's smiles and laughter pop right out at us. It is a joyful conversation piece every night.We are blessed with dear friends who make an effort to send the holiday love even with us an ocean away! And it means a lot, a lot, a lot!
College friends, church friends, relatives, those I babysat...
Old and new friends, weddings, babies, graduations, and travels...
We are literally surrounded by love and good wishes every night at our dinner table. The unexpected bonus is that Connor got a huge kick out of the smiling faces. Like mother, like daughter I guess.
She pointed out the babies - especially those "who forgot their bib and had food on their face"!!! We talked about all these loved ones together one by one.
Thank you for making our Christmas so merry and bright with your photos!


Sues said...

I *love* this!!! I do the same thing every year with a wall in our kitchen! They stay up all year until next year's round arrives. :-)

Heather said...

Reid, I cannot wait for y'all to be back in the States so we can get Connor and Drew together. I show him pics of "Cousin Connor" on the computer all the time. It will be interesting to see if he recognizes her in person.