Sunday, January 10, 2010

Flying First Class

Connor is the funniest little girl when it comes to travel. Now that she has some frequent flyer miles under her belt she is getting pretty cocky with her traveling savvy. On the way to the USA she demanded the passport officer give her stamps on her hands!For our return trip to Belgium we had a tough goodbye at the Raleigh airport. Not easy leaving doting grandparents behind. There were hugs all around.
Even for Elmo (even though he was coming with us...why not?!?)
Connor adores her grandparents!
We were sad to leave too. But not long now til we move back to the American side of the Atlantic. We left our parents toughening ourselves for the restless 12+ hours of travel ahead.Clearly Connor was worried....We dawdled to our flight which was scheduled RDU to JFK to BRU and approaching the gate we heard all three of our names paged overhead. Uh oh. I immediately started scanning my mind for what could be wrong. We jogged to the gate and the gate attendants immediately looked relieved saying, "We sure are glad to see you!" --- guess they had been on a wild goose chase trying to track us down. They oversold the RDU to JFK flight and had a proposition for us. They would reroute us on a RDU to ATL to BRU route which arrived an hour earlier in Brussels and put all three of us in business class for free!!!!!!!!!!!! Hmmm. Let me think about that for a minute. YES!!! Oh and they gave us food vouchers for lunch and told us to go to the Crown Room while we waited for our later (yet still earlier) flight.

Our cocky little traveler made herself right at home in the Crown Room while we pinched ourselves in disbelief.
We were happy campers.
I am not sure if we will ever be the same in coach again. Check out Connor in the massive headphones and our individual TVs. Yep, she is getting pretty cocky with her travel savvy.
I guess the one hiccup was they managed to reroute only 2 of our 4 suitcases, so we were several hours delayed locating our missing bags once we got back to Belgium. But it was totally worth it for the business class indulgence and pampering!

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