Friday, January 8, 2010

First Haircut - at Age Two and a Half!

At age two and a half we finally broke down and got Connor's very first haircut. She was a baldie for a long time, but the blonde locks are filling in with force these days. Karen told me about Snip-its and it sounded like the perfect place for us. It is a franchise designed to make kids' haircuts fun. And oh what fun we had!
Emily cut Connor's hair. She sprayed it with a spray bottle, turned a movie on a big screen in front of her and had the cut done in 10 minutes.
The plastic pink butterfly barrettes were a nice touch. And to my amazement, those wonderful baby curls did not go away. People had told me they would. Guess she really did get my curly hair and Kirk's color.
Connor pats her head with pride and tells anyone who will listen, even now weeks later, "I got my first haircut!" It is super cute.
A lollipop in addition to a prize at the end. Who knew getting a haircut could shower a child with so many goodies?
I got a goodie too. A special certificate as a keepsake with a blonde curl. To think this was the hair that she was born with. Well, she really didn't have any hair when she was born, but you know what I mean - the tiny tips were there somewhere at birth and now they have been cut.

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Dallas said...

The pink bows were an adorable touch. Glad it was a good experience for you.