Friday, January 8, 2010

Christmas Cookie Cheer

We spent one night with Adair, Eric and Will when we were home for Christmas. We love our dear friends. Adair insisted on turning our visit into a Christmas cookie celebration of us being stateside. Beth and Dalton came by with Rutley and Angela with Ethan and Mahkala.
Kirk got to work right away pounding the peppermint for our cookie decoratives.Poor Connor was on the mend from a double ear infection, but she still had her hand in the cookie jar!
We had a ball and it meant the world to me to hug and enjoy friends.
College roommates reunite. We were missing Brooke for our quartet to be complete!
I still find it unbelievable that we all three have blond, blond children.
Angela is my wonderful friend from graduate school. We worked together in Winston-Salem after school and now she is a mom to two!
Adair showed Ethan how to make sugar plums by taking marshmellows and dipping them in milk and red/green Jello. What a great idea! Visions of sugarplums definitely were dancing in our heads.
Rutley and his parents had to dash away but we did get these guys together for a group photo. Getting all four to look happy at the same time proved a big challenge.
Ho, Ho, Ho! Thanks for the fun par-tay sweet Adair!

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