Monday, December 28, 2009

Retiro Park

We played for hours in Madrid's Retiro Park the week we spent in Spain's capital city. The park is massive - one of the world's great urban green spaces. Retiro provided the perfect spot not just to "retire" but also to run and jump and play. We saw birds, puppies, and lots of stray cats. The menagerie added to the thrill!
We waltzed around like Disney princesses inside the park's Crystal Palace. Autumn leaves provided a stunning backdrop.In front of the Crystal Palace we brought stale bread from breakfast to feed the birds and ducks.Thank you Retiro Park! Your embrace filled our senses with nature in the heart of a booming metropolis.
So long, farewell, and ADIOS Madrid!
Click here for full album photos of our week in and around Madrid while Kirk worked

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