Thursday, December 3, 2009

Middelburg and the Delta Works

Connor and I recently went on a day trip - just the two of us. She is a terrific companion and conversationalist. Kept me company from her perch in the back seat!We traveled 1.5 hours to Middelburg in the Netherlands. Thursday mornings are the grand market day smack in the center of the town's circular ring. I heard rumor ladies at the market dress up in Zeeland's native costume. Zeeland is the name of this region of the Netherlands.

We looked and we looked though and no Zeeland costume-wearing women! Yet the market was one of the best I have seen. And as with all Netherlands towns, the surrounding buildings were beautiful. Holland really is quite a place!Connor thought it was pretty great too!The market had a little bit of everything. Crafts. Produce. Clothes. Fish. You name it!We bought this autumn wreath for our kitchen table. 5 euros. Good deal. We also bought dried cranberries and green cheese (ok it was pesto cheese, hence the green hue). Every place we patronized doted on Connor and gave her an extra treat to accompany each purchase. I was struck by how kind and caring the Dutch seem. Especially in comparison with the Belgians in Brussels.After making several passes up and down the market aisles the two of us bee-bopped to see what else there was to see in Middelburg.We strolled along the picturesque Spanairds Street where the main attraction is admiring the stately townhomes. So admire we did...This one was just too much not to snap a shot. Everything about the scene was perfect - right down to the FOUR fresh flower arrangements. Whose kitchen looks like this?! It didn't seem real.I coveted this wreath. The acorns and birds gave it a homey elegance.Hopefully no one was watching me photograph all these private homes. I didn't see anyone else around. If they were they probably thought I was a loon with all my oohs and aahs around every corner.After our morning fun in Middelburg we traveled the 15 minutes or so to see part of The Delta Works - the series of dams, locks, and dikes all over this part of Holland. It keeps out the North Sea from swamping the country. It has been named one of the Seven Wonders of the Modern World by the American Society of Civil Engineers.Thankfully the water wasn't nearly this angry - as above internet image - when we drove over.It was windy though! See the locks behind Connor? I am including a couple of Utube videos below if you are interested in knowing more about The Delta Works.
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