Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Tick Tock the Clock Museum

After all the Baden-Baden excitement we drove the next day over the river and through the woods to Furtwangen, Germany and to the German Clock Museum. The Black Forest is known for their handmade clocks, especially cuckoo clocks.
It sounded to me like the makings of a Dr. Seuss book but off we went to discover the clocks!
Connor brought her Pink Muh-Muh inside. I have noticed that since the potty training was complete she has become more attached to her security items. Not necessarily one above all others, she is just a little more clingy. I am assuming this is normal. She introduced Pink Muh-Muh to all the clocks as they gleefully discovered together.
We were the only people in the entire museum and there were a lot of clocks!
Big clocks, small clocks,
old clocks and new,
tall clocks, short clocks
black clocks and blue...
See I told you it felt Dr. Seussical!
The museum lady came out and even gave a private cuckoo demonstration to Connor. I am not sure Connor got the whole concept with the hands of the clock initiating the bird sounds, but she was cuckoo-ing and cuckoo-ing the rest of the day.
The gold and silver pocket watches gleamed. It was intriguing to see their insides twist and turn.
There was even a Swatch watch. Wasn't the Swatch one of the very best 80s fashion statements? I had a pink with blue polka dot Swatch that I cherished as a child. I hope there are still Swatches around when Connor gets her first wristwatch one day.
I might have gone cuckoo myself if I worked in this museum with so many clocks to set and listen tick tock and chime all day. But Connor thought all the clocks were fantastic! I am glad we made the effort for the Black Forest detour.

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