Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Oktoberfest 2009

Kirk joined a large group of his colleagues in Munich this year for Oktoberfest. He was only there 24 hours, but he had a great time. Many fellow accountants came all the way from Atlanta to Germany to enjoy the event. That seems an awfully long way to come...but we weren't complaining - it was helpful for Kirk since he got to catch up on the Atlanta work team and feel a little more connected to the latest comings and goings.
Every year someone from Kirk's company reserves a table in one of the many humongous tents. There is food, fun and responsible merriment all around while those accountants put their pencils down.
And they all just look so stylin' in their lederhosen and dirndel dresses!
It is not my cup of tea, but I am glad Kirk had the chance to return to Oktoberfest. Just the thought of him singing along to the oompah band in leather knickers is hilarious to me. Now that Kirk has been twice, and he tells me that he has had his fill. Yet we would still love to plan another trip to Munich sometime. With Oktoberfest festivities dominating his Munich trips, there still seems so much more to experience and do in this Barvarian city.
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Kirk, Reid and Connor said...

And now we come full circle as blog post #1 was about Oktoberfest 2008! It's been quite a year!