Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Making Quiches AWCB Style

This weekend is the the American Women's Club big Holiday Bazaar. Plans and preparations are in full swing for this major Club fundraiser. It is great to see the festive festivities coming full circle. Christmas is certainly in the air! Last week with the Mothers of Young Children group (MOYC) we donated our time and talents to make and bake quiches for the big event. 21 quiches to be exact. We gathered in the Club's kitchen - 10 of us Maternal Chefs - with enough quiche ingredients to do some serious damage.
I never thought I would grate so much cheese in one sitting or crack so many eggs. I am not exactly known for my culinary skills. These were my first quiches I have ever made. Thankfully there were some quiche pros there though who knew how to "thin out the cream" and "weigh down the puff pastry" to make the quiches just right.
Eggs in Belgium are sometimes just a little TOO FRESH for my liking! I don't need to see the feathers in the cartons. Ewww.
We ran a little close on time - even with 10 determined chefs and a commercial kitchen. So I didn't get to stay to see the finished product. But no doubt they will be yummy. If you go to the Holiday Bazaar be sure to buy a slice of quiche - made with love from the Mothers of Young Children!
Red wine and the good company of friends made the chaos of prepping and baking 21 quiches doable!!!

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Ali Meyer said...

Looks like it was a busy, yet productive day...I'll have to try a piece this weekend.

Do you know the recipe they used? I'd like to compare it to my 'made-up' recipe. I love making quiches, but it's usually compiled of whatever leftover vegetables I have along with fresh herbs and a mixture of cheeses...they usually turn out pretty good despite my 'no recipe'!