Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Island of Hvar in Croatia

For our last day in Croatia we decided to kick back and play. We set our sights on fun in the sun and splashing in the ocean. It seemed the best place to do just that was at the trendy island of Hvar, about 90 minutes by ferry from Split. Thankfully the sun blazed bright and the clouds disappeared altogether! Split was a perfect picture as we pulled away.Will and Connor thought the rooftop seating atop the ferry was divine. They laughed and snuggled and took everything in together.Hvar turned out to be hands down the most beautiful part of Croatia.
The colors were intense and rich and absolutely wonderful. Paradise is the word that comes to mind.We hiked along the coast for a couple of miles and lo and behold we found our beach. Oh did we ever find our beach!
We wasted not a second grimacing and tiptoeing down to the water on the white pebbles.
And jumping right in! We unanimously agreed our little beach in Hvar was the best part of Croatia. The time there was just too short. I think we could have all stayed in until we became big prunes from all the water wrinkles.Back in Hvar Town we souvenir-shopped hoping to capture some of island magic to take home with us. Connor ran around the Old Town while Will took another shot at bodypainting with ice cream!We were tired pups and masses of relaxed mush on the return ferry. Sunset and moonrise only punctuated the perfection of Hvar.When our babes were nestled snug in their beds we grabbed the wool blankets and bid Croatia adieu from our rooftop terrace.
Croatia, I think I love you.

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