Wednesday, October 7, 2009

National Noodle Day

Yesterday (October 6) was National Noodle Day in America! Many thanks to my all knowing friend, Stacie, for the fun Facebook reminder!!! A very fitting day for us since we just happen to be traveling back from a week long adventure in Tuscany and Croatia yesterday. So much to write about this trip. Let's just say the al dente noodles in Italy were we were in hearty celebration of the Noodle Day all week long!
This morning though Kirk is back to work and our wonderful friends, Adair and Eric, along with their precious 18 month old Will are en route back to the USA. We are immediately lonely and missing them as we put the pieces of our apartment back together again and give our laundry a whirl in the the machine.
The kids had the time of their lives. Traveling with toddlers in Europe comes with plenty of challenges - sure enough - but the rewards of seeing new countries through a child's eyes are beyond compare. That gift multiplies when the view is through the eyes of two little friends interacting together with Italy and Croatia as the backdrop.Connor and Will fell hard for each other. I am not sure life in Brussels will ever be quite the same without him. Here's hoping for a quiet transatlantic flight for our dear friends. We love you!Happy Noodle Day, one day late! As Doc Cheys says, "Noodles represent life longevity in Chinese culture, so slurp some noodles for lunch or dinner for good luck." Yum!

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