Monday, October 12, 2009

The Little Things

Sometimes it is the little moments - those not captured by a camera - that you most want to remember. Here are several recent mental snapshots:

Last Friday we strolled by the Grand Place on our way back from music class. I was completely focused on getting Connor home ASAP for a nap and dodging busy, bustling tourists. As I was ploughing my way past I was stopped still in my tracks by a street musician singing "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" in a perfect Jimmy Durante impersonation. I stopped, did an about face, and parked it right in front of the singer while the entire world continued to rush by. Connor put money in his hat. He was French and didn't know all of the words but we heard about bluebirds and lemon drops, so I was smiling!

Also last Friday, Karen and Brady met us at Wittamer chocolate cafe in Sablon for hot chocolate. I have been wanting to indulge in Wittamer's 'chocolat chaud' for a year now, as it was one of the first recommended treats I heard about upon moving to Brussels. The Wittamer cafe is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays so the limited hours had foiled my previous attempts. The hot chocolate was indeed a yummy treat. Every drop as good as I had imagined. My impression though was it is much more a place for snippy French adults than two little kids and their moms. It was a bit snobby - we had French 20-somethings shush us!!! And even though my drink was only 5 euros, Connor's ice cream was over 10 euros! Surprise! Oh well. Part of the fun. A memory for sure.

Last Wednesday we met Dallas, Ali, and Ali's new baby - Reagan - for a coffee at Cafe Belga at the Flagey Square. In direct opposition to our Wittamer experience, this was a perfect place for big strollers to park next to quaint tables and little ones to mingle around. I had an entire hour to chat with Ali and Dallas before Connor's two-year-old timer went off. Ali is a fantastic new friend from Nebraska with an accountant husband. I look forward to more fun with her and Reagan!

Connor and I also toured the Royal Palace in downtown Brussels this summer. It is open only for a month every year and is free to the public. We pass this grand administrative palace every week so it was fun to get inside for a peek. The sparkly interiors and glass chandeliers were grand yet typical. Connor skipped through the palace rooms just like it was the most normal place in the world. I think she might have a little "castle overload" too!

On Sunday I volunteered the entire day at the BCT Kids' Consignment sale. This was my second time as a volunteer and unlike last time I ran into a handful of folks I knew! It was rewarding to get some gorgeous European dresses and winter clothes for Connor at rock bottom prices and to sort through everything among friends. My how far we have come!

Fun times in Belgium!

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Dallas said...

I like the little things like you've listed. They're the type of things that make me feel settled here, rather than go go go.