Wednesday, October 21, 2009

BCT Fashion Show

I recently volunteered at a Kids' Consignment sale. The perk of volunteering for the 6 hour shift is that you get to shop first - before the sale officially starts. It still baffles me how wild things can get amongst grown women during these shin digs - all over used clothes and toys. But I came away from this sale happy with my finds. I bought a pink Minnie bicycle helmet for 3 euros. Granted we don't have a bike. But we have rented them without helmets enough over here to warrant having our own protection. They don't seem to believe in helmets over here?!?! Connor loved the helmet. Don't think she really understood what it is used for but she honestly would not take it off her head for 3 days! Every morning she looked for it and insisted on buckling it on. Luckily she let us remove it for sleeping! It was adorable.
I found several dresses that are very European. This velvet frock is unlike anything you would find at Old Navy or Gymboree!
The shoes are a nice touch!
I wasn't sure if this lavender wool jumper would fit her or be too small, but I think we have a few good wearings before she grows out of it. And for 2 euros with a silk lining - why not?!?!
My mom would call this a "good knock around dress" - meaning a good one to just hang around in.
which is exactly what we did!
These consignment sales are addictive. And now Connor is a proper European girl. Ready for the winter weather with her new European dresses!

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