Monday, September 21, 2009

Kirk in Prague - Take Two

For all of you who give us a hard time about Kirk's European work schedule - I want you to know that he does work very hard. See - here he is slaving away in Prague with his fellow professors at the Conference....Here is his classroom. Looks like they are studying frantically! Well at least there are poster-sized Post-Its on the walls. Maybe they did learn something?!?! But honestly Kirk came back from these two conferences knowing colleagues from all over the world. He seemed confident in his material and happy with his presentation of it. I was proud.
Prague proved a pretty posh backdrop for the learning. The second week Connor and I stayed back and Kirk had Prague all to himself. He did indulge in some extracurricular tourist culture. He attended a Mozart concert. Did you realize that Mozart died at age 35? Imagine if he had lived longer. Oh the masterpieces left unwritten!
Kirk was also able to check off the 1000 Places List the U Fleku bar, Pragues oldest and most famous beer hall. Thankfully the beer is pretty darn cheap in Prague!

And finally, so you really feel sorry for him...Kirk took a video of his slummy hotel room. Boy, poor Kirk!

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