Thursday, September 17, 2009

Fun on the BIG, BIG Boat - Part Two

There was too much fun happening on the Emerald Princess to fit all into one blog post --- so here is Part Two before we disembarked for good. Oh it was fun! Who knew so much activity could fit onto a ship? On the second sea day and the second formal night we got more adventurous with the all-you-can-eat food. Kirk even ate frog legs!And when Connor saw us photographing Daddy's food she wanted to pose with her noodles!!! She never wants to miss a trick.The food on the cruise was good. Especially since it was so "American" after eating so "European" for nearly a year. While the entrees were tasty, the desserts were tantalizing. This was just embarrassing. Look at how many desserts (whole and partial) Kirk had at one point!Kirk was so kind as he was very focused on making sure I got out without Connor. A stay-at-home mom needs a break every now and then. So often after dinner Kirk took Connor and did the bedtime routine and I set out for the Emerald Entertainment. I was a sucker for all the theatrical shows. It would be me and all the grey hairs in there clapping along! The Broadway Baby in me is dying to break free!One of the best perks on the Emerald Princess had to be the Kids Club facility and staff. Connor had to be 3 for us to leave her there alone, but we were able to play with her as long as we stayed. This was our favorite spot on the sea days. It was a fantasy playroom.This particular day the kids were learning all about turtles. Look at my little one bossing around all the bigger kids during the craft! There was a staff of 3-4 counselors there and a defined structure/curriculum to the day. I was impressed.Connor is showing off the bead bracelet she made as well as her new turtle stickers.The last few days of the cruise we just couldn't get enough of the seated dining wait staff. So we took a little more time for the formal breakfast. I am sure the elegant breakfast crowd loved having a napkin-wearing two year old chomping on her apple and stealing all the waiters' attention! What a ham!We had such a blast that when the Oslo day came and we were to depart early from the ship it was a little sad. The goodbyes were sincere. How can the staff be so genuine from one cruise to the next that you fall completely for them?!?Connor was pretty bummed when she realized we weren't returning to the ship. We watched it sail away in Oslo and there were tears. We will all miss the BIG, BIG BOAT and all the comforts and luxuries that came along with it!!!

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