Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Odense, Stop 1

Our first tourist stop on our Scandinavian sojourn was to a tiny town in Odense.

The night before we flew to Denmark and stayed at the Copenhagen Hilton that was literally attached to the airport. Made for an easy commute to our beds! The next morning we were up and at'em with a yummy breakfast buffet that was out of this world. Nothing like a true DANISH danish to get me excited about the trip ahead. Kirk retrieved our rental car, which was of course a Volvo! I love Scandinavia.

We reached Odense by crossing a 12.5 mile suspension bridge (the second longest in the world)! Odense is the birthplace of storyteller Hans Christian Andersen who wrote our childhood favorites: The Ugly Duckling, Little Mermaid, Thumbelina and on and on. So fairy-tale lovers from all over come to idyllic Odense's medieval city center to pay Andersen homage. Connor doesn't look so thrilled in the above photo to be sitting with H.C. but she actually thought he was pretty neat and still 3 weeks later when she sees this photo, she looks at me and says, "Remember when I was sitting on that man?!?!"

We stepped into town and right into the Saturday morning market. It was the perfect quaint greeting. There was a cheese truck with fromage delicacies....
Flowers bursting with color...And locally grown produce dotting the main street...
We wandered the city streets and marveled at the small, OLD houses leaning into each other. Simply charming. I felt like we needed hoop skirts and feathery hats to waltz through the place. But alas jeans and sneakers had to do...
We came across this antique store that was dusty and junky....and perfect. Perfect for a curious antiquer, but unfortunately not so perfect for a 2 year old. So we didn't stay long. But I loved it.
We made it to the Hans Christian Andersen Hus (house) and were greeted with this cast of characters singing Danish tunes about the tales in the backyard. Funny though how the stories - even when told in another language - are universal! After the performance the characters came out on the lawn for photos. Here we are with "The Emperor's New Clothes!"...And especially for Cara and Yvonne - "The Princess and the Pea!" Again Connor is holding on to me for dear life in the shot, but she talks nonstop about the Princess and the Pea now.Connor on stage with all the Princesses!And the Little Mermaid on the lake. This little mermaid made another appearance in Copenhagen to Connor's delight!
I loved Odense. Even if we were there just a short time. The perfect setting for the creation of so many fairy tale classics and a fun, childlike way to begin exploring Scandinavia.

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Courtney said...

I stayed at that same hotel. VERY nice!