Sunday, August 16, 2009

Mr. Manneken Pis

I think it rather crude and crass that one of the main symbols and tourist landmarks of Brussels is the "Manneken Pis" - a tiny statue of a little boy peeing. Brussels, is that really what you want to be known for?!?!

Recently Connor and I visited the Musee de la Ville in the Grand Place - a museum all about the city of Brussels. The major exhibit is on the Manneken Pis. It displays many of his costumes. Because you see sometimes the little boy peeing doesn't have to be nude. He wears many costumes and outfits traditionally given to him by countries from around the world. He has over 800 of these costumes. Quite a wardrobe!!! Again I ask, Brussels, should foreign dignitaries present outfits to a little boy peeing - when there is chocolate and lace and so many more wonderful things this city is known for?!?!

And if that wasn't enough...there are Manneken Pis souvenirs just in case you didn't get enough. Manneken Pis chocolates, keychains and worst of all - corkscrews.

Here is Mr. Pis in his "Mozart outfit"

The agony continues as there is also a Jeanneke Pis in another part of the city. Even more classy, don't you think?!?!
I certainly will not miss the peeing sculptures. But felt obliged nonetheless to tell you about them.

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