Thursday, August 13, 2009

Mini Europe

Recently we went with Sylvia and Aili to Mini Europe near the Brussels Atomium! It is a wonderful theme park with miniature displays of famous European landmarks. Mini Europe has over 300 of these tiny models from EU countries. Not only did we have fun but we also learned a little bit about some places we haven't seen. It was equally fun to see the familiar favorites of places we have visited too!The girls were off and running before we could say GO. What is it with two year olds?!? They just can't sit still. It was great to see Connor playing with some girls finally. She has so many sweet Brussels was time to befriend some girls!Connor feasts her eyes on the playland that awaits!Aili with her mom, Mai. This castle is from Estonia. Mai is from Estonia too! So we had to get a photo.The Coca-Cola truck was driving right thru the Estonian castle. Coke is everywhere!!!Our Brussels Grand Place!!!The Alkmaar cheese market in Holland. I have been wanting to see this! If it was this much fun in the miniature then I bet it is a blast in real life.Connor with the Dinant display. Dinant was one of our favorite Belgian cities!This picture gives some perspective on how small the displays were as compared with the people. Goodness how much time and talent it takes to produce these perfect miniature models.Antwerp. Another of our favorite destination spots. The main square reminds me a lot of Brussels. But the shopping and youthful spirit is much more tantalizing in Antwerp!Kinderdijk windmills in the Netherlands. We biked right thru there a few weeks ago! I wonder if Connor recognized it in the mini form?The hit of the day for the girls wasn't the models, but the Mama Duck with her ducklings. They fed the ducks and probably would have reached down to pet the ducks if we hadn't been there to restrain them from jumping in the water.I had to wonder about this lady leaning against England's Parliament building. I was little worried that Big Ben might topple right over!This tunnel with the water above and the train going through is supposed to represent the Chunnel between England and France. Get it?!?! Ha, ha, ha!The Pompidou Centre. My new favorite skyline view of Paris!Standing in the roundabout near the Arc de Triomphe. Luckily the miniature traffic was held at bay!Sacre Coeur. My favorite church in Paris! It was a worthy representation since this display was located at the top of a miniature hill!!!Chenonceau castle on the Loire River. I think Mini Europe's Loire River looked a little gunky. Aili looks like she is ready to swan dive right in though!The Charles de Gaulle airport was probably Connor's favorite. The planes really moved around and made plane sounds as they taxi'd.Connor laughing in front of Berlin's Brandenburg Gate. Note by this time Connor was back in her stroller and strapped in! This was after chasing all 3 girls all over. Oh me.Santiago de Compostello in Spain.A bullfight in Seville! It was a super outing with Aili and Sylvia. Connor can't stop talking about them. They made for a busy trio of giggles and fun. Plus we saw an awful lot of Europe in an awfully quick jaunt!

Click here to see full album of photos from our Mini Europe adventure

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