Thursday, July 23, 2009

We're BA-ACK!!!

Earlier this week was Belgian National Day and we celebrated the 4 day holiday weekend with a week in Southern Spain built around it. Not very patriotic of us to jet on Belgium's big day, but so much to see in so little time! We had an unbelievable adventure in the Andalucia region of Spain. Granada, Seville, Cordoba, Gibraltar, and even a side trip to Morocco (Africa)!!!

But the best part of all - my college roommate, Brooke, was with us. And she is a Spanish teacher. Boo-Ya! Spanish interpreter and a terrific friend tied into one, very handy. Plus, she is one of those friends who you know it is just a matter of time before you laugh til your sides hurt. Honestly, my abs are still sore from our time together. Brooke is beautiful inside and out. She is the type of friend that fits just right. She and Kirk get along famously and she was a perfect travel buddy, rolling with our ambitious travel style while captivating Connor all at once. In fact I think Connor has a special bond now with her "Aunt Brooke!"
It is going to take me many posts to recount our Spanish stay tuned. But I just had to give you at least an appetizer preview in a few of our best shots...Now we are home in Brussels. The fairy tale trip came to an ending with these "back to reality" events:

1) We flew back exhausted, landing at midnight, only to realize our beloved BOB stroller was missing from the luggage belt. We freaked out! An hour later they found BOB. But not before they took me to their stroller graveyard of unclaimed prams and found this one for me to use as a substitute in the meantime. When they then located BOB they let me just keep this one too. So silver lining is we have a better little stroller --- and BOB is still with us after several nervous moments!2) Connor possesses an uncanny knack to throw and spill everything in sight....
3) It is grey and raining in Brussels after 6 days of warm sun in Spain!

Good thing we have pictures and memories to remember the warmth of a Spanish sun, the wonders of the world, and the marvelous gift of lifelong friendship.

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