Sunday, July 5, 2009

Realmont, Sicily

When we first arrived in Sicily I picked up a local monthly magazine guide and absent-mindedly flipped through it while waiting for our ferry. I did a double take and was blown away by the photos and description of Realmont, Sicily. The small beach town is a tiny suburb of Agrigento and has this titanic white rock mountain emerging from the sea. I knew we just had to find time in our plans to go. It was somewhere I just had to see for myself! I looked forward to it all week.

So after our adventures in Agrigento we followed our GPS to what felt like the middle of nowhere - unsure if we were going to the right place, but eager to see what we could. But there they were - those enormous glowing rocks, just like in the magazine!

What we found was simply awesome. We were the only ones on the beach and the white cliffs against the deep blue sky were breathtaking.

We drove around to the other side after seeing the cliffs from afar - trying to fumble our way since we had no map or directions. Kirk and Connor stayed in the car (this is not a hike for toddlers!) and I bounded down to the beach and over to the great white cliffs.

The closer I got the closer I wanted to be. I had European adrenaline running through me and decided to join the sunbathers on the steep white face above the sea. Probably the most distinctive part about the spot was the way the cliffs made rock stairs as you go up. Makes it a little easier and more enticing to step on up and into the white magic.

This is probably my favorite shot from the ascent. The hues of blue and white are just as they were in real life.

I wanted to be sure you saw my feet to prove I was really there! Up top it was VERY windy and the chalky dust kept blowing in my face. I stayed seated and skidded along on my bum so as to stay safe. But it was still a little nerve-wracking. Realmont cannot be found in any guidebook and probably is only accessible by car, I would think. You have to know you are looking for it.

But being up on top of the white steps in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea was one of the coolest things I have ever done. Maybe I ought to write Rick Steves so he can update his guidebooks with this incredible experience. I was sorry to have to hike solo, but very grateful for this opportunity to feel so alive!

PS - Don't ask me why I chose to wear my little black dress on a day I planned to scale white, chalky cliffs. That's just the way I roll!

Click here for more photos of my hike at the beach in Realmont (full album)

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