Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Magna Doodle and CROISSANTS!

CROISSANT! CROISSANT! CROISSANT!!!! Did I tell you that my baby loves to say the word "croissant" --- she likes to eat them too! It evolved into a big game with Brooke and Connor on our trip. Brooke would just look at Connor and say in a funny voice "croissANT" sending Connor into contagious laughter. Do that 10 times in a row and all 4 of us were hysterical! So imagine our glee when we checked into our hotel and in Brooke's room this artwork adorned the wall!!! The "CROISSANT" chants reignited!On our trip we discovered a handy game to keep Connor sitting patiently. We whip out the Magna Doodle and play "Win, Lose or Draw" and Connor has to guess the image. Some of us opt for the more simplistic figures....ahem, Kirk!Others of us go for the more daring...like drawing a CROISSANT!
And if that hasn't made your heart sing, then just watch this video from that same meal. We really hadn't talked about CROISSANTS in the past day or two when this was shot, so the recognition was that much more funny. Connor really is becoming quite a European baby!

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