Monday, July 13, 2009

Cesky Krumlov

After Kirk's conference class ended Friday we thought we would stay for the weekend and get out to see the Czech Republic outside of Prague. So we headed several hours down the road to the fairy tale town of Cesky Krumlov.It was a pleasing little city nestled in the middle of nowhere and dominated by its happy castle up on the hill and the S-shaped river charging through the middle of town. We stayed at the Castle View Apartments. We were too cheap for a castle view, but loved the location and charm of the place. This photo was my wake up view in bed - my sweet daughter under a wood-beamed slanted ceiling. Kirk again got to take on another impromptu beer tour this time in the Czech Republic. I think he had a list of 7 or 8 new Czech beers he tried throughout the week! Czechs are among the world's most enthusiastic beer drinkers - each adult drinks an average of 80 gallons a year! One type of beer is called Budweiser Budvar, but is not the Anheuser-Busch Budweiser we know - totally different.
This poster was right outside our hotel. Connor loved it! She kept wanting to go back to see the "little girl's bum" and her "big toe!" It really is the little things, isn't it?!?We climbed up to the top of the castle pictured behind us.
The castle gardens were grand, especially this fountain. But we were surprised they were a little overgrown! Oddly enough there were bears (???) in the moat around the castle. You can imagine Connor's delight to watch this one take a bath!We didn't tour the baroque castle theatre, but I found these shots of it online as it looks absolutely enchanting. A good match for the charm of the entire city. I think these times when performing arts were so important and cherished must have been a special time for theatrical emotion and social mingling.We strolled down to the white water rapids and watched all the adventure boats taking the curve in the river right through the city centre. We saw many a boat tip over - which I thought was a little scary - but everyone seemed to weather it well. We settled at a lunch spot right on the river where Connor watched for the rafts and I even got to eat a Czech speciality - Smažený sýr, fried cheese!
Cesky Krumlov was a special treat for us. I mean Prague was amazing, but getting out into the Czech countryside to explore was something not many European tourists take the time to do. I am glad Kirk researched and found the spot for us to enjoy!

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