Thursday, July 2, 2009

Babies, Babies Everywhere

We are in that stage in life. Where it seems everyone we know is having babies. It is so exciting to see these families grow! It does change everything but it is a change that I think focuses life and gratitude and gives purpose to all we do. Best of luck to these new parents (and parents-to-be) with their bundles of joy! All babies born in the past 3 months or in utero!

Mike and Leah - Baby Boy Mason!
Eric and Tracy - Baby Boy Griffin!
Rick and Christy - Baby Girl #2 Hagen!
Katie and Spencer - Baby Boy #2 due this November!
Elizabeth and John - Baby Boy #2 due later this year!
Emily and Pat - Baby Boy Patrick!
Melanie and Nevin - Baby Girl Addison!
Judy and Jorge - Baby Boy Javier!
Reshunda and Janon - Baby Boy #2 due in a few months!
Grant and Kathleen - Baby Boy Triplets due at the end of the year!
Stephanie and David - Baby Boy due in the Fall!
Brooke and Chad - Baby Girl Avary!
Kevin and Abbey - Baby Boy Tyler!
Becca and Matt - Baby Boy due in the Fall!
Julia and Matt - Baby Girl due any day now!
Deya and Gus - Baby due around Turkey Day! (gender a surprise!)
Dana and Ryan - Baby due this year!
Anna and John - Baby Boy Jack!
Music Ladies: Nikki - Baby Boy Jack; Harriet - Baby due August; Ciara - Baby Boy due July

And to all the pregnancies we don't yet know about or overlooked. CONGRATS! Good luck on getting some sleep!

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Dallas said...

Wow, that's a lot of babies.