Saturday, June 20, 2009

See Connor on the Movie!

Home movies are wonderful. I remember growing up and watching my mom's silent movies from her childhood years. It was a fun way to peek at my grandparents parenting my mother and to see my aunts and uncle interacting as young siblings. When Connor was born we were sure to invest in a video camera, anxious to keep hold of the precious yet fleeting milestones.

Kirk has recently been transferring the film and duplicating the DVDs so we have several copies. And Connor has of course been intrigued at the exercise. A couple of weeks ago Kirk put one of the DVDs in and for the first time EVER Connor locked focus with the TV and watched for more than 10 minutes. She was fascinated by watching herself grow up. I was taken especially when the movies from our Atlanta house and her nursery there were on. I really don't think she has a bit of memory of the place.

Anyways, now our child will do anything for the privilege of "watching Connor." She recites, "I wanna watch Connor! I wanna watch Connor!" And if we are out this request shifts to "I wanna watch Connor in the home!" (translated 'at home'). We are happy she has found something she likes so much, but have to wonder a little at it all.

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