Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Snuggling in European Beds

I am often on board now with most things European. I think small fridges, reusable bags, and Smart cars are good practices. But I will never, ever understand why hotel beds have to be two measley twins pushed together and often made up seperately.
It is this way every place we go - be it high end or more of a budget hotel. I always feel like I am starring in one of those Nick at Night shows like Donna Reed or Father Knows Best where the parents sleep in twin beds with several feet in between them. In Athens we even had the fun of indulging on a cheap rate at a Westin hotel. I have never stayed in their much-hyped HEAVENLY BED and had high hopes.......but as you can see, not so heavenly when you cannot even snuggle your spouse, and instead are in a bed-straightjacket! I thought maybe the American Westin chain might trump European twin bed tradition yet no dice.
The other odd hotel tradition is when there is no legit shower but only a tub with a moveable shower head. You must sit and bathe in the tub, ducking under the flow of water for a wannabe shower/bird bath. Luckily the Westin did not give in on their HEAVENLY BATH to this European concept. There was a totally seperate shower leaving Connor all of the bath tub fun and Kirk standing tall in a real shower!

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