Sunday, May 31, 2009

Mouse, Mousie and Mouselette!

I mentioned in the previous post how much we loved our hotel in Provence, Mas D'Aigret. The family running the place really was amazing and thoughtful with their hospitality. When we arrived they offered us the family room at the same price as the regular (cheaper!) triple room I had reserved, and whose rate I had already negotiated down. Yeah! It ended up a perfect floor plan for us and was the cherry atop our Provence vacation. Connor loved running in circles through the 2 bedroom with adjoining bath suite. And she fell especially hard for the 3 mice stuffed animals in Mom's room. Together they named them "Mouse, Mous-ie, and Mouse-lette!" We looked up the words to "Three Blind Mice" and sang it more times than we want to remember. Funny how such a simple addition to a room can make all the difference! The view from our hotel was a showstopper. I couldn't believe our luck to be right in the middle of nowhere and for 'nowhere' to be so comforting and spectacular. That said, Mas D'Aigret was also in the middle of everything in terms of the tourist towns and attractions. This hotel was the first where I didn't find the recommendation from a guide book, but rather on Tripadvisor. Finding a hotel that was available, reasonably-priced, and central actually proved pretty difficult (guess it is a popular time of year) so I was delighted the choice was a good one. I mean, just check out these views from our room.... The patio below our room was green and festive. Mom and I agreed this would be the perfect spot for a wedding/wedding party.

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