Monday, May 11, 2009

Moon Up There!

In Santorini after our scrumptious meal at Ambrosia and Nectar we skipped out onto the moonlit streets of Oia. It was just cool enough to be nippy, but not too cold. The cruise ship crowds were gone and it was one of those moments when I look at my family and think, life is good.

The stars were clear and bright without the detraction of city lights. It has been a while since I have seen pure twinkly stars against such a dark sky. And oh that bright moon... Connor was so sweet; she looked up and pointed and said over and over again "MOON UP THERE! MOON UP THERE!" My heart melted. Maybe that is the most wondrous thing about travel...watching children recognize the simplest familiar things in the midst of the exotic and unfamiliar.

Actually MOONS are a big theme for us recently. Of course we have always loved the classic:
But we are recently on a MOON kick with a series of Frank Asch books:I am a sucker for Frank Asch and his little bear books. This moon series was new to me when Connor was born. Dudley sent them and we just love, love, love them. But when I was growing up we read Asch's Popcorn and Sandcake over and over again. They are all terrific, fun books - old and new.I may never again look up and see the bright moon without thinking about Connor's exclamations of "MOON UP THERE!" in Santorini, Greece.