Monday, May 25, 2009

Let's Go to the HOTEL!

I wrote earlier about our stay at the Westin in Athens. It was a good rate and a fun treat at the end of our Greek holiday (despite the Athens traffic to and from). A great hotel right on the Aegean Sea. We felt very special staying there!Connor had a blast in the fancy place. She especially loved climbing over every pillow and playing with the flowers in the lobby! I am sure the hoteliers just loved that!Connor just loves staying in hotels. She gets all jazzed up on the car ride to a new place and pops into the room checking it all out, just as we do. One of her favorite part about hotels is the inevitable long hallway outside our room. The Westin had a WONDERFUL straight one that was very long. She had a blast sprinting from one end to the other. What a way to wear a toddler out. Luckily her bedtime and wake times are not when others are usually sleeping so hopefully she didn't disturb anyone else with her 100 yard hallway dashes!Another mark of a superb hotel in Europe is when they include bottles of shampoo AND CONDITIONER! For some reason European hotels seem to prefer an all-over-shampoo dispenser to the individual bottles, plus conditioner is nowhere to be found. The Westin's "heavenly bath" was fully stocked though! Conditioner and all.And the included breakfast buffet was the very best I have ever had. I could have eaten all morning long. There were even early blueberries for Connor to enjoy! I deem it a "heavenly breakfast" for sure!And after touring the wonders of the world, all Connor really wants is to swing and to play with bubbles on the hotel balcony. And who are we to deny her?!?! Kids will always be kids - in Greece, Belgium, or the USA!
Peekaboo! I love HOTELS!!!!

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