Friday, May 15, 2009

E&Y Global Exchange Photography Competition

I need your help....Ernst and Young is having a travel photography competition with expats across the globe. We are able to submit 3 photos and the winners will be published in a travel coffeetable book and placed in every E&Y office lobby around the world.

We need your 3 votes and feedback. We have narrowed down, but we are having trouble with the final decision. Leave a vote, comment or email us with your selections:

#1 - Ducks walk across the frozen river in Lier, Belgium
#2 - Spice Market in Istanbul, Turkey
#3 - Kirk and Connor snuggle in Sintra, Portugal

#4 - collection of Port bottles in Porto, Portugal

#5 - Ring of Kerry, Ireland

#6 - Eiffel Tower, Paris, France
#7 - Connor plays in the rocks at the Parthenon, Athens, Greece

#8 - Lake Como in Varenna, Italy

#9 - Outside House of Mary, Ephesus, Turkey

#10 - Outside Verona Arena in Verona, Italy

#11 - From our hotel balcony in Santorini, Greece

Here is how the contest "rules/criteria" were communicated: An international assignment with Ernst & Young opens the door to a world of experience - both personally and professionally. To showcase some of these experiences, we have decided to publish a high-quality, hardback book of unique photographs taken around the world by our assignees. The book will be published later this summer and displayed in the reception area of each of our 756 offices. To populate the book, we are inviting you to take part in a Career Mobility Photography Competition - we want to see the world through your eyes! There are no subject matter restrictions - your entries can be of anything from landscapes, to cityscapes to people you have met and friends you've made.


Katie C. said...

I love #2 and #11. #2 is just so artistic and the colors are great. #11...well it just looks so relaxing and you know all EYers can appreciate (and need) some R&R and couple glass of wine!

BelgiumBound said...

Amber says #2,5,6.
Kent says #5,6,8.
Good Luck!

PBJ said...

What a great idea! Here are my votes in order.
#3 – I love the view and its a great moment between Kirk & Connor.
#4 – Yummy Port & Grahams too!
#11 – I really like the color of the sky in this picture. I don’t think I have ever seen that color before.
I hope you win!

Stacie B said...

#2, #11 and if I were to offer a write in candidate for one that did not make your cut here, I'd say one of connor in the middle of those amazing tulip fields...

Shannon, Tony, Grayson & Max said...

10, 7, and 6 have my vote!

and ditto on a tulip field picture!

Dallas said...

They're all great, but I'm especially drawn to #2, #4, and #11. Good luck.