Monday, April 13, 2009

Only Davidson

Picture this:
There we were straining to hear Murat tell about history and traditions inside the walls of the Blue Mosque. Connor is rolling on the floor and speaking in her “outdoor” versus her “indoor” voice and I am trying to focus while also shushing Connor and willing her to please whisper. Feeling very much a frazzled mom!

Then from across the room I hear, “REID!!” What?!?! I look over and there was Meagan Gleason, a Davidson classmate of mine. Keep in mind Davidson’s classes are only ~400 students each, so what are the chances?!? Meagan was there with her mom and aunt in the middle of 10 days in Turkey. I have not laid eyes on her since college. But there we were, in the Blue Mosque – catching up on pertinent details and playing 50 questions.

As we left I told Meagan I was sure our paths would cross again on the Turkey tourist circuit and sure enough the next day we were on the same tour through the Dolmabahce Palace followed by the next day running into each other in Ephesus. What a small world for these Wildcats!

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